The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (2023)

If you're a fan of The Sims, you probably have many game mod folders that can take up a lot of space on your computer. In addition to mods for adding more traits or wishes, there are many mods you can use to beautifyThe Sims 4.

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Let's face it: The Sims aren't always at their best. That's why beauty touch-ups are a boon. There are many great CC creators who have made awesome mods like clothes, hairstyles and more to make your Sims look more attractive. These are just some of the best.

Updated by Jouanna Bondakji on May 26, 2023:The Sims 4 is constantly being updated and getting packs that push its boundaries. But no one knows what Sims want better than their own neighborhood. Mods usually go further than official packs for some reason. Even though all the new CAS cosmetics offer updates, they don't fundamentally change the way Sims look. However, modders have long mastered the art of giving Sims a new look. Whether you want to make their skin more realistic, add cool details, or just want more options in the hair category, cosmetic mods have you covered.

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14 facial details

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (1)

No Sim is complete without some much-needed facial detail. From scars to freckles, and even full-face masks that completely change the color of the nose, eyes, and mouth, there are so many options to give any Sim an ultra-realistic look. No more Maxis wax figures!

like some of the prettiest freckles are frecklesPralinesims 的 Ellen Freckles N13.Not only do they look great, but they also suit many different skin tones. If you want something more intimate,wildlyminiaturesandwich of subtle freckles and molesOffers you a variety of options for face and body.

13 beard

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (2)

Too bad Sims don't have much good long stubble on their faces or bodies. Facial hair can really make or break a Sim's appearance, and the better it's done, the more representative it is of the character. Luckily, hundreds of manufacturers have stepped in to deliver great-looking beards.

If you like a visual style of the game that is very close to the original Maxis,commanderXalder's Facial HairIt's absolutely amazing. They look like Maxis Match and match all the basic hair colors in the game. otherwise,Broda N36 firmite SelengeGreat for making impressive bread for your Sims in a more realistic style.

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12 nail

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (3)

It's a wonder Maxis hasn't given his Sims a manicure in recent years. Given the number of nails that are in vogue right now, it could use a small but highly requested in-game feature to give them more customization options, including toenails. Custom content creators come to the rescue again!

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ofgo home! Set by JoliebeanIt looks vibrant and comes with two different nail styles and lots of different colors. You can even choose whether you want a glossy or matte finish. for something more outlandishKissyck asymmetrical short nailsYou have a variety of fun designs to choose from, and there are even long nail versions if that's more your style.

11 lighting of the world

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (4)

The last thing you need while playing a game is trying to see what's on the screen. When The Sims 4 first launched, you might get confused when checking your screen settings. The lighting in the game gets dim and gloomy, and the blue tint is very striking, especially at night.

Fortunately, the so-calledNo Blu mod by wrixlesFixes a lot by removing the weird blue color. also,Astral Lights Van BrntWafflesis a wonderful world lighting mod that not only enhances the blues but goes a step further and creates a beautiful sky for you to enjoy.

10 Eye

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (5)

Eyes are the most distinctive feature of both Humans and Sims. Changing this will give Sims a more realistic quality and even more magical elements to create Sims' fantasy creatures. The default swap changes the eyes of all Sims in the game, but you can also choose to only change the eye contact of one Sim.

Encore Eyes of Dangerously Slow JellyfishGive your Sims a beautiful starry sky look to make them stand out. they can look more specialHeterochromia Eyes Collection Van PralinesimsGive them two different eye colors.

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9 disorder

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (6)

Clutter is by definition purely ornamental. While these items don't work, they add a lot to the game. Miscellaneous items range from plants to cosmetics and even decorative food. Some manufacturers make seasonal and holiday decorations if you want to celebrate the annual event with your Sims.

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Clutter can also be used to make games more realistic. For exampleLaundry Decoration Set from DaraSimsHas everything Sims need to do laundry. Or you and your Sims can admire some wall art like zKitchen print Rosannep mod.

8 she

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (7)

If there's one thing in the entire Sims 4 game that needs customization, it's hairstyles. Many of the basic game styles are boring or generic, and the hair color is even boring. The creators of CC have helped this tremendously by creating a variety of different hairstyles and colors.

Made the most hair types for female Sims with hair like hairNila Lilith's hair.But there are still many styles of male Sims, such asDarken Anto's Hair.For example, the hairstyle mod also provides more natural hairstyle options for black SimsKieran's hair from the green llamaIRAEKWON door simulation problem.

7 skin

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (8)

If you care deeply about your Sims looking good, downloading replacement skins should be your first priority when starting a new game. While skin detail and color have improved dramatically over the past 20 years, there is still much work to be done. Skins, like eyes, are standard and non-standard replacements.

Retail Neckline Overlays by JSSimsThat's fine if you care about small details. For generally higher resolution skins,Lazarus 2 ply leather van akalurkyYou are within reach. If you just want a more polished version of the original skin from the base game,Lumia Vanille HuidI can do it. It covers all ages and includes finer details of things like hands and noses.


6 color

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (9)

There are many skin tones in real life. While CAS in The Sims 4 allows you to customize a lot, it doesn't initially have as many skin tone variations as you might think. The Black Simmers find this unacceptable and are trying to make their voices heard. Their hard work paid off, with a wider range of skins appearing in 2020.

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But even when you have these options now, they can seem weird and unnatural. The creators of CC seem to agree, as they've made plenty of great replacements for your Sims.Luce-skin van ThisIsThem, for example, using 30 samples is more realistic and aesthetically pleasing. Vitiligo is also an underrepresented skin type in the media, butMarcus-skin van sims3 depressionIt looks beautiful and provides a different white spot.

5 slider

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (10)

Undoubtedly the most stunning innovation in the The Sims 4 launch trailer is the ability to perfectly capture the faces of Sims. One glaring detail that's missing, however, is the ability to manipulate Sims' height. Luckily, some CC developers have figured out a way around this problem.

Luumia Altitude ControllerLets you change not only the height of your Sims, but also the height of their necks. As a bonus, you can also tweak the shape of your Sims' hips to give them even more variety.

4 think

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (11)

If there's one makeup mod that can make your Sims look better, it's custom makeup. The best thing is that you can be as wild or subtle as you want. Even something as simple as a blush can change a Sim's features without having to edit it again.

Others, like lipstick and eye shadow, can give a fresh look.Screaming Mustard Shine Lip BalmBrings a beautiful gloss to your Sims' lips,cartervillePhoebe EyeshadowCreates a tough look. And, if you're looking for something less reality-based, there are mods likeCyborg Set RemusSirian.

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3 tattoo

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (12)

Introduced inFrom The Sims 3, Tattoos are an artistic and expressive way of decorating Sims. Continuing with this popular gameplay, the creators of CC have provided a large number of designs to choose from.

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Just like a real tattoo, you can choose from various styles of tattoo designs. cute to quirkyRazbi's Gamer Girl-tatoeagesCzech, plainChen Marubutterfly chest tattoo mandala, you will find many designs to suit your taste. There are even some that are surreal and extremely detailed, such asReevaly's planned tattoo3.

2 Accessories

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (13)

Variety spices up life, and just like in real life, accessories are essential to downloading The Sims 4 to look more appealing. The base game offers very few categories, just general jewelry, everyday hats, and modest glasses. Luckily, the creators of CC jumped at the opportunity and created amazing charms such asredhead mockluxury earring jewelry.

Mods like it andPiercing do nosa Pralinesims DIY SeTonThese are great examples of the sparkle and sparkle that The Sims 4 desperately needs. But accessories are not limited to jewelry. For example, you can find mods that make your Sims look different and add an element of magicMagnolia-Cmatching wings.

1 arrive

The Sims 4: Most Impressive Decoration Mods (14)

A unique tooth style was added in a free update in early 2017, and has a series of interesting but modest drawbacks. Suspenders are a very welcome addition, both for story purposes and for relationship aspects in general. There aren't many styles to choose from, though.

That's why the creators of CC also made their own version.Pyxidis'Braceface trayThey fit well with standard teeth and come in many different flexible colors. Another real tooth model is3D vlgs from shitPicky Pikachu, allows you to give your Sims something other than perfectly straight teeth once. Mods like this help us celebrate our differences instead of trying to improve them.

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