6 "The Walking Dead: Fear the Walking Dead" Season 8 character reunion has just begun (2023)

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The big events of Fear the Walking Dead's eighth season finale set the stage for the series' six major reunions to come.

6 "The Walking Dead: Fear the Walking Dead" Season 8 character reunion has just begun (1)

Warning: Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 6

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Many character reunions are due to take place in fear the walking deadMidseason premiere. After just six episodes, the spin-off ended its battle with PADRE, the group once believed to beFTWDThe ultimate villain. Paving the way for a new threat, bid farewell to a mainstay of the cast,fear of the living deadIt sets the stage for more stories to unfold when the series returns.

fear of the living deadThe sixth episode of season eight, titled "Everything I See Is Red," is full of noteworthy events, not the least of which ismorgan jones quit. Morgan witnesses the fight to the finish with PADRE, but shockingly decides not to go on their next trip. Madison will continue to work without him and may become the new leader of PADRE. According to the final scene, Madison tries to turn PADRE for the better, which will bring her into conflict with her real-life counterpart from last season. This, along with other plot twists in the episode, allowed the show to make sixwalking deadcharacter encounters.

6 Madison and Strand

6 "The Walking Dead: Fear the Walking Dead" Season 8 character reunion has just begun (2)

Possibly one of the most surprising narrative decisionsFTWDWith his PADRE arc, there is no longer a Strand in history. Even though Strand escaped from PADRE in the season seven finale before Morgan and his party were captured, he would naturally have a role as one of the show's main characters. Instead, PADRE's storyline utterly eludes him, with Morgan remembering in the premiere that Strand has escaped. Strand is alone, and Madison is so entangled with the PADFRE pilot that there is no room for them to cross. But when Madison's team leaves the island, the door should be open for Strand to re-enter the scene.

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5 dwaita negana

6 "The Walking Dead: Fear the Walking Dead" Season 8 character reunion has just begun (3)

Dwight announces at midseason premiere that he's "DomWhat exactly he means is unclear, but given the contextliving deadHe grew up in the Virginia area when his character was introduced. When he returns there, Dwight will see familiar faces from his past, especially characters he's met in the main series. A meeting with Negan might even be on the table. Negan is currently on a rescue mission to New York with MaggieThe Walking Dead: Matvi MiastoBut he should come back at some point before he dies or stays there forever.

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Dwight might have been there when he did.FTWDThe second half of season eight confirmed that Dwight will not be leaving immediately, which means he may not be able to carry out his exit planDomuntil the end of the program. If that happens, the franchise could offer him a post-show future requiring a harrowing reunion with his most hated foe.

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4 madison in troy

6 "The Walking Dead: Fear the Walking Dead" Season 8 character reunion has just begun (4)

by the looks of thingsFTWDIt's headed toward Madison. The battle of Troy serves as the end of the series. Troy was apparently killed by Madison in the penultimate episode of season three, but the clue fear of the living deadmid season finaleAnother suggestion. The final scene strangely draws attention to the hammer, which looks a lot like the one Madison used to hit Troy. If the hammering Easter eggs are any indication, Troy secretly survived two blows to the head (and the destruction of the dam). Now it looks like he's after Madison.

The relationship between the two is very strangefear of the living deadAnd Troy has always hoped to be recognized and recognized by Madison. It's Troy's undying wish, and when Madison learns he's responsible for the zombie hordes that destroyed Otto's farm, he's suddenly knocked out. Given how bitter Troy was in season three, it's almost certain that if he survives, he'll seek revenge on Madison. Judging by the presence of Alicia's arm, his plan has likely already begun.

3 morgan and rick

6 "The Walking Dead: Fear the Walking Dead" Season 8 character reunion has just begun (5)

while lennie james played shyly by himselfMorgan's future after Fear the Walking Dead, his latest episode made no secret of what his next story will be if he returns. The midseason finale subtly referenced season eight's Rick Grimes, with Morgan vowing to find Rick no matter how long it took. Morgan and Mo left a message on the radio, then left to begin their long search. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, but Morgan's conviction and definite readiness to reunite with Rick make the role of James a strong contender for the role in the Rick and Michonne spinoff.

With filming already underway and James' engagement yet to be announced, it's hard to imagine Morgan starring in the show's first six episodes. On the other hand, the odds of him appearing in Season 2 are much higher. As long as Rick's performance isn't a flash in the pan, he and Morgan should have a chance to make at least one more teamliving deaduniverse.

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2 Morgana and Corolla

6 "The Walking Dead: Fear the Walking Dead" Season 8 character reunion has just begun (6)

Morgan's new missionliving deadThe universe quietly staged a protagonist reunion. In his lead performance, Morgan creates a memorable dynamic with Melissa McBride's Carol. Now that Morgan has announced that he's going to find Rick Grimes, he could easily run into Carol again. Since he didn't know Rick was gone, Alexander was the most obvious place to start his search. For this reason, it would make sense for Morgan to reunite with the people of Alexandria and find out about Rick's abduction in the first place, which would be the catalyst for every story she shares with Rick. This encounter probably won't happen on screen, but it should happen anyway.

1 madison in alice

6 "The Walking Dead: Fear the Walking Dead" Season 8 character reunion has just begun (7)
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Ahead of the midseason finale, it's easy to think Alicia's fate is still up in the airfear of the living deadMainly because there's no evidence that Alicia Debnan-Kelly will reprise the role. But after the final scene, it's clear that her fate will indeed be resolved somehow. One possibility is that she will confirm her offscreen death at the hands of the show's final villain. Alternatively, the program can beMadison and Alicia mother-daughter reunion

This scenario seems more likelyfear of the living deadKill Alicia without mercy. It's understandable that season seven wouldn't suddenly cure her of the zombie virus if the show wanted to kill her off. Had the arm indicated she had been kidnapped, Madison and her allies could have rescued her in one of the final episodes of the series.


Does Rick appear in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Rick Grimes was a minor character in the fourth season. He is portrayed by Andrew Lincoln. This page is based on the TWD wiki page for the same character.

Does anyone from The Walking Dead appear in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

The first TWD characters in Fear the Walking Dead arrived in the season 4 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead when Morgan Jones (Lennie James) joined the regular cast. Morgan has gone on to be a vital part of the spinoff's ensemble and remained a full-time cast member ever since.

Who does Rick meet in season 8? ›

Season 8. In the episode "The Damned", Rick attacks an outpost of the Saviors, and becomes devastated when he finds a sleeping infant in the outpost. Shortly afterwards he finds a picture of Miranda Morales and is shocked to be confronted from behind by Morales, now a hardened survivor and Savior lieutenant.

Where did Alicia go in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Alicia's seventh season arc ends with her alone on a beach, having made the heroic choice to stay behind to avoid hurting others when she inevitably succumbs to the zombie bite that has plagued her throughout the season.

Is Rick on Fear The Walking Dead Season 8? ›

Did Rick appear in Fear the Walking Dead? While Fear the Walking Dead relied heavily on Rick Grimes nostalgia during the first part of its final season, Rick never appeared in the season. Morgan remembered the important words his friend shared with him and passed that knowledge on to others.

Does Daryl appear in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Fear the Walking Dead (TV Series 2015–2023) - Daryl Mitchell as Wendell - IMDb.

Where can I watch Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Where can you watch and stream Fear the Walking Dead Season 8? You can watch and stream Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 on Amazon Prime Video. The show is available to watch for existing and new subscribers to the streaming service. Watch Fear the Walking Dead on Prime Video!

How many seasons of Fear the Walking Dead? ›

The series was renewed for an eighth and final season, which premiered on May 14, 2023. As of June 18, 2023, 107 episodes of Fear the Walking Dead have aired.

What order should I watch The Walking Dead in? ›

Best order to watch The Walking Dead seasons and spin-offs
  • The Walking Dead season 1.
  • The Walking Dead season 2.
  • The Walking Dead season 3.
  • The Walking Dead season 4.
  • The Walking Dead season 5.
  • Fear the Walking Dead season 1.
  • The Walking Dead season 6.
  • Fear the Walking Dead season 2.
Jun 22, 2023

Who finds Rick in season 9? ›

Unknown to everyone, Rick is found alive and rescued by Anne, who contacts her allies in the helicopter. They gather the duo and fly to parts unknown. Six years later, Judith rescues a new group of survivors from walkers.

Will Rick appear in season 9? ›

For fans of the comics, Rick was there until the end of the story, and when Rick's story ended, the comics pretty much ended as well. However, that changed on the TV series during season 9 when Rick Grimes left The Walking Dead. However, he did return for one final appearance in The Walking Dead series finale.

Is Rick not in season 9? ›

The Walking Dead – Rick Grimes

During season 9, Rick made the ultimate sacrifice. To save those he loved, he blew up a bridge to prevent a horde of walkers from coming into their communities. The onlookers believed he died, but he was blown clear and taken away to the CR (Civic Republic).

Is Alicia alive in season 8? ›

Believing that her time was up, Alicia opted against following Strand and the others when they fled across the water. Her final episode confirmed her survival and left the door open for a possible return, but for now, the show will have to move on without Alicia Clark.

Who killed Alicia's brother on Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Cause of Death

Bludgeoned twice in the head with a hammer by Madison Clark. (As of Season 8 Episode 6 Troy could have survived.)

Does Alicia appear in season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Actress Alicia Debnam-Carey departed Fear the Walking Dead during season 7. She had portrayed Alicia Clark since season 1 of the series and fans were sorely disappointed to lose the character.

When in Fear the Walking Dead did Rick wake up? ›

Rick woke up in the hospital on Day 59. Day 1 is of course when Gloria wakes up in the church. This marks the first episode of FTWD. The bombing of Atlanta happens at Day 16/Day 17 and ends the first season of FTWD and starts the second season.

Who betrayed Rick in season 9? ›

Jadis betraying Rick. Jadis Stokes, originally born as Anne, is one of the main antagonists of The Walking Dead franchise.

Does Morgan make it back to Alexandria in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

At the beginning of the second half of the season, Morgan decides to return to Alexandria to tell Rick that he was right: Morgan did find his way back to people after all.

Why was Fear the Walking Dead Cancelled? ›

Fear The Walking Dead may stop producing episodes after its season 8 finale, but it's important to note that the show hasn't been cancelled. Much like we saw with its predecessor, it seems like AMC and the creative team behind Fear just decided that now was the right time for the show to reach its natural conclusion.

Does Glenn appear in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Madeline Glenn is a main character and a survivor of outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.

Does Carol appear in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Family. Carol Peletier was a minor character in the fourth season. She is portrayed by Melissa McBride. This page is based on the TWD wiki page for the same character.

Did Netflix remove Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Unfortunately episodes of Fear the Walking Dead aren't available to stream on Netflix. Fans can view seasons 1-7 on Hulu. Be sure to sign up for the once-daily Undead Walking newsletter to avoid missing out on all things in The Walking Dead universe.

Does HBO Max have Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Watch Fear the Walking Dead | TV Shows | HBO Max.

Where can I watch Fear the Walking Dead Season 8? ›

Currently you are able to watch "Fear the Walking Dead - Season 8" streaming on AMC Plus Apple TV Channel , AMC+ Amazon Channel, AMC+, DIRECTV, Spectrum On Demand, AMC+ Roku Premium Channel or buy it as download on Microsoft Store, Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, Vudu.

How many episodes are in season 8 of Fear the Walking Dead? ›

The eighth and final season of Fear the Walking Dead, an American horror-drama television series on AMC, premiered on May 14, 2023. The season consists of 12 episodes split into two six-episode parts, with the second half debuting later in 2023.

How many episodes of Dead City are there? ›

Will there be a season 12 of The Walking Dead? ›

No, there are no plans for The Walking Dead Season 12 after Season 11 ended the show in November 2022. Back in 2020, AMC announced the end of The Walking Dead with season 11. The final season stretched a bit longer by giving fans some extra episodes. But that was the end of the main series.

How long was Rick in a coma? ›

At the end of the first season, a flashback reveals that Shane (Jon Bernthal) left Rick behind as chaos erupted in the hospital. About a month later, Rick came out of his coma and found himself alone. Surviving that long without food and water is unlikely, especially in his state.

What are the 3 spin offs from The Walking Dead? ›

The show already has had four spinoff series, Fear the Walking Dead, Tales of the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: World BeyondOpens in new tab, and currently The Walking Dead: Dead City, on TV. That number is continuing to grow with shows to look forward to in the nearby future.

What is the Maggie and Negan spin-off? ›

The Walking Dead: Dead City stars Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The spin-off finds the unlikely pair of Maggie and Negan navigating a post-apocalyptic Manhattan long ago cut off from the mainland. It comes after the original series finished its 11-season run over the course of 177 episodes.

Why did Rick smile at the end of episode 9? ›

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gimple explained why Rick smiled despite the seemingly awful situation he was facing. The Rick & Michonne spinoff showrunner highlighted Rick's defiance in the face of adversity, and his willingness to pick himself up even in the direst of conditions.

How old is Judith in season 9? ›

Since The Walking Dead's time jump in season 9, the 10-year-old Judith became a more prominent character who was wiser and braver than a typical kid.

Will Rick return in season 11? ›

Rick Grimes makes his return to The Walking Dead in the series finale (season 11 episode 24) “Rest In Peace”. If you would like to know what happens in that return, read on. The veteran character appears at the very end of the episode in a tag scene designed to set up the upcoming Rick and Michonne spinoff.

Will Rick return in season 10? ›

The series finale took a dramatic turn in its final few minutes, looking both ahead and back as viewers saw the return of Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes and Danai Gurira's Michonne — who will be returning for a 2023 spin-off series on AMC.

Will Rick return in season 12? ›

Two of the main Star Cast of the series Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) will come back with as next year with a new series.

Do we see Rick again in season 10? ›

Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes scene in The Walking Dead's final episode is actually a flashback. Rick is seen stashing the etched iPhone from The Walking Dead season 10 into a bag and throwing it onto a boat, which is then discovered by Michonne in her final episode.

Why didn t Rick return? ›

Walking Dead – Rick and Michonne series

Lincoln left the main series to spend time with his family and Guriria to pursue new projects. The bad part was their stories were left wide open. Rick was taken away by the CRM (Civic Republic Military) and Michonne, upon discovering Rick didn't die, when in search of him.

Does Daryl know Rick is alive? ›

Daryl Knows Rick Is Alive, So What Happens Now? While The Walking Dead barely covered the repercussions of Judith telling Daryl the truth, it's sure to have important repercussions.

What happened to Michonne? ›

Michonne eventually ends up at a seemingly-utopian community known as the Commonwealth, where she is reunited with one of her daughters, Elodie, who she thought had died long ago.

How did Alicia get sick? ›

Fear the Walking Dead – Alicia

Alicia was bitten by a walker and was forced to amputate her arm. She believed she didn't get to it in time and that the infection did make it into her bloodstream.

How did Alicia lose her arm? ›

Alicia Clark cuts off her own arm after being bitten by a walker, and asks Will to kill her if she turns on the new episode of 'Fear The Walking Dead'. The series airs Sundays on AMC.

Why does Madison need oxygen? ›

This oxygen was supplied to her by PADRE in exchange for her working for them, which involved abducting babies and children. She seems dependent on oxygen and will only be able to survive that way for so long.

Does Alicia know Charlie killed Nick? ›

She hears an intruder in the house, which is Charlie, who locks herself in an upstairs bedroom. Alicia guilts Charlie about killing Nick, telling her she'll have to live with it for the rest of her life, which brings Charlie to tears.

Who is the little girl Alicia keeps seeing in Fear The Walking Dead? ›

Fear the Walking Dead confirmed that the little girl wanted to help Strand, who was still in the Tower. The girl then revealed herself as a younger Alicia, the part of her that Madison wanted Alicia to be -- someone who still believed in the goodness of people and helping them.

What happens to Ofelia in Fear The Walking Dead? ›

Madison discovers that Daniel is alive and tells Ofelia. As they are traveling to meet him, it is discovered that Ofelia was bitten on the shoulder. She begs Madison to take her to her father. They do everything they can to get her to Daniel, but Ofelia dies as Daniel arrives.

How did Alicia survive in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Fear the Walking Dead, Alicia

In the back half of season 7, Alicia reveals her arm, complete with a prosthetic made with her own arm bones, to Morgan (Lennie James). So, while Alicia didn't die from her bite, she still battled some kind of infection. She believed the virus would eventually turn her into a walker.

Does Alicia have a love interest in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Alicia planned to go to the University of California at Berkeley and was already in contact by the institution as well as making plans for the future with her boyfriend Matt Sale.

Is Alicia cured in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

The infection spread, and it looked like she was going to pass on. Yet, somehow, Alicia didn't die. She survived for months and The Walking Dead fans started to think the series might have introduced a cure. This was great news because Madison was returning for Season 8.

What happened to Rick on Fear the Walking Dead? ›

During season 9, Rick made the ultimate sacrifice. To save those he loved, he blew up a bridge to prevent a horde of walkers from coming into their communities. The onlookers believed he died, but he was blown clear and taken away to the CR (Civic Republic).

Who plays Rick in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Lennie James addresses possible Morgan and Rick Walking Dead reunion. The actor tells EW about his final Fear the Walking Dead episode and what comes next.

What season of Fear the Walking Dead does Rick wake up? ›

Almost two months after the breakout, Rick Grimes wakes up from his coma. Remarkably, Fear takes until season three to catch up to this section of the timeline (they're on that weird survivalist ranch when Rick's waking up).

Which characters appear in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Is there a time jump in Fear The Walking Dead Season 8? ›

Fear the Walking Dead began its eighth and final season in jarring fashion. After a scene picking up where season 7 left off with Morgan (Lennie James) and Madison (Kim Dickens) infiltrating PADRE, we then jumped seven years into the future, where suddenly everyone was named after birds.

What is Rick and Michonne spin off called? ›

Lincoln and Gurira signed on to reprise their respective roles from the television series. The first season will consist of six episodes and is intended to be a continuing series. It was titled The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne by April 2023.

Will Morgan return to Fear the Walking Dead? ›

While many fans hoped to see Morgan reunite with his old friends and possibly Rick Grimes, it won't happen at Alexandria. There is hope that Morgan could appear in Summit, the Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) spinoff series. Fear the Walking Dead season 8 premieres on AMC on May 14, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET.

Who was Rick before apocalypse? ›

Before the zombie apocalypse, Rick was a police officer in the small town of Cynthiana, Kentucky. While in a shootout against an escaped convict with his partner and best friend, Shane Walsh, Rick is wounded and subsequently awakens from a coma some time later.

Who was Rick Grimes son? ›

The character was created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, and debuted in The Walking Dead #2 in 2003. In both forms of media, Carl is the son of Rick and Lori Grimes. Carl Grimes, as portrayed by Chandler Riggs in the television series (left) and in the comic book series (right).

Who is Rick Grimes father? ›

Father Gabriel has come a long way since his introduction back in season 5. He was cowardly, weak, and nearly betrayed Rick and the group. But over time he has forgiven himself for his past actions and learned to become a fierce fighter. His faith may have waivered throughout the series but his love for Coco never did.

Who is the filthy woman on Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Family. Martha was a recurring character in the fourth season. She was portrayed by Tonya Pinkins.

How did The Walking Dead virus start? ›

According to “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” season two finale, the virus originated at a biomedical facility in France. Robert Kirkman purposefully withheld the origins of the TWD zombies when he wrote his comic book series, and he never even comes close to unraveling the mystery throughout the entire narrative.

How many months into the apocalypse did Rick wake up? ›

At the end of the first season, a flashback reveals that Shane (Jon Bernthal) left Rick behind as chaos erupted in the hospital. About a month later, Rick came out of his coma and found himself alone. Surviving that long without food and water is unlikely, especially in his state.

Will Negan be in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

And now we are set to bring forth the next iteration of the franchise — two new and anticipated series featuring the beloved characters of Maggie, Negan and Daryl. Along with that we begin production on the next chapter in Rick and Michonne's unforgettable love story, which we look forward to sharing next year.

Who from the 100 is in Fear the Walking Dead? ›

Alycia Jasmin Debnam-Carey (born 20 July 1993) is an Australian actress. She is best known for her portrayals of the characters Lexa on the dystopian science fiction series The 100 (2014–2016; 2020) and Alicia Clark on the horror drama series Fear the Walking Dead (2015–2022).


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